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This series is shown in its entirety although most pieces are sold. Some giclées are available.

26x31" / watercolour / SOLD

29x37" / watercolour / SOLD


Adolescence 1
26x32" / acrylic / SOLD

Adolescence 2
26x32" / acrylic / SOLD


18x25" / acrylic


30's: Stretched and Scarred
23x32" / watercolour / SOLD


18x25" / oil & ink & pastel / SOLD

A Casual Encounter with a Strong Bold Woman


40's: Mid Life Crisis
22x30" / watercolour / SOLD

Post Menopause
18x25" / watercolour



When I Am Old
16x20"/ watercolour / SOLD



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Studio: Britannia Village (by appointment only)|Ottawa, ON, Canada.
Tel: 613-261-1351 | .

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