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“In a world where colours collide, where laughter runs with tears and contradictions abound, I reside. Driven by the desire to reconcile growth with patience, love with despair, and pain with experience, I paint. I paint for the world that we have and the one I yearn for.”

Valorie Preston

Valorie Preston’s paintings possess a fluid and organic quality. A spiritual quest murmurs beneath much of the subject matter, which ranges from abstract to semi-representational. Natural elements are prominent – earth, water, fire and air. The paintings, with their subtle narratives, draw the viewer into the essential warmth at the heart of Valorie’s art. The works quietly question more than confront, and the reaction is an emotional one.

Valorie is an experimental painter working in mixed water media. Her creative interests are grouped into several series of paintings, all of which continue to grow. The paintings in Valorie’s newest series, "Parallel Universes", are inspired by the later abstracts of German-born artist Gerhard Richter.

The importance of process in Valorie’s art is evident in her art-related travels. Recent journeys have taken her to Newfoundland, Southeast Asia, and Costa Rica. As she explains, “Travel provides me with the luxury of time away from the familiar and from the complex of responsibilities that populate daily life. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and for its impact on my work’s development. My art is a journey too. It starts with the eyes, but is only successful if it touches an emotion and triggers a deeper response.”

Before taking up painting fulltime in 1992, Valorie was an English teacher and accomplished political executive, serving as Chief of Staff for then Premier of Saskatchewan, Allan Blakeney. Her many involvements earned her a listing in the “Canadian Who’s Who”. Valorie's art training includes extended periods working and studying with noted Canadian artists, including Gernot Dick (Atlin, BC), Douglas Walton (Creemore Art Retreat), and at the Ottawa School of Art. Valorie's work hangs in commercial and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. Originally from the Prairies, Valorie has lived in Ottawa since 1983.

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