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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To get pricing information or to purchase any of the artwork on this web site, contact Valorie at or call 613-261-1351. Valorie can mail high-quality images of any paintings of interest, providing a truer likeness of colour and texture than any web site can.

Giclées can be made almost any size and are priced according to size and framing. For example, a framed, suede-matted 8x10" giclée is $155 Cdn. A beautifully framed 22x32" piece is $725 Cdn. Giclées are also available unframed.

Do you need to spend time with a painting in your own space to determine if it will delight and intrigue for years to come? Naturally! If you are not happy with any painting you may return it within 2 weeks for a full refund of the purchase price.

Free shipping in Canada for any purchase over $1000.

Once you purchase an original directly from Valorie you will receive 15% off any subsequent purchase from her.

To visit Valorie's studio please make an appointment. Check the “Exhibits” and “News” sections for locations where Valorie’s work is currently for sale.

Original art makes a superb gift...

1. The purchase of Canadian art for your business is tax deductible.

2. A business gift of art sends your client a message about you and your firm. You're concerned about culture and the finer things in life.

3. It also sends a message about your perception of the client. Your gift of art says you think he/she is a person who's also interested in culture and the finer things in life.

4. The cost of Valorie’s original fine-art giclées is very reasonable. And if you require several gifts (five or more), the volume discount brings the price down even further.

5. Your art gift keeps on giving pleasure and appreciating in value year after year.

6. Your art gift, if it's contemporary work by a living artist, benefits this deserving sector.

7. Your present of graphic art is a refreshing change of pace from the usual executive gifts. Your client probably hasn't received a gift of art before.

8. You get points for creativity and thoughtfulness.


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