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"The Parallel Universes series explores the tension created by the efforts of an earthbound Taurus to deal with ambiguity. Our post modern times constantly confront us with ambiguity in all of life: Nothing is set and pre-determined no matter how much many of us wish it were. From gender identification and lack there of, to accommodation of religious beliefs, or a tidy definition of what art is, all give us pause as we deal with the freedom and globalization of the post modern world.


We all see from our biased eyes, and, in daring to challenge tradition, we take on ambiguity in a big way. This series of paintings posits a variety of surfaces that the viewer must plumb or pull together to please herself and form an impression of reality from  the ambiguity offered. In each painting there are multiple layers and multiple colours, each representing a reality to someone. Some have an abstracted landscape look and others are just emotional abstractions playing with reactions to colour and shapes. The works are influenced by my fascination with the way German painter Gerhard Richter applies paint and with what he has to say.


If I have succeeded, my work challenges all of us to see more than one universe: to look beyond the superficial and to appreciate and enjoy the complexities of our world." Valorie Preston

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Parallel Universes I
30x24" / acrylic on board

Parallel Universes II
24x30" / acrylic on board

Parallel Universes III
30x24" / acrylic on board


Parallel Universes IV
14x18" / acrylic on canvas

Parallel Universes V
30x24" / acrylic on board

Parallel Universes VI
30x24" / acrylic on canvas


Parallel Universes X
SOLD Parallel Universes VII
23x18" /oil on canvas

Parallel Universes X
39x24" / acrylic


Parallel Universes XIII

Parallel Universes XV
Parallel Universes XIII
24x28" framed / oil and acrylic on yupo

Parallel Universes XV
24x28" framed / acrylic on board


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