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These paintings are available as limited-edition giclées. All the originals are SOLD.
Giclées are created to order and can be scaled larger or smaller than the original, provided that the proportions
remain the same. They are priced according to size and framing. For example, a framed, suede-matted 8x10" giclée is $155 Cdn. A beautifully framed 22x32" piece is $725 Cdn. Giclées are also available unframed. Read more about giclées.

Printed giclée catalog now available. E-mail Valorie to order one.

For giclées available right now, see Valorie's giclée galleries on Facebook: A Slice of Blue; The Statement of Red

Spirit Guides
16x14" / watercolour

The Search
14x18" / watercolour


Blue Abstract
18x24" / acrylic


Grey Matter
20x27" / acrylic on yupo
Glacier in the Sun
22x30" / mixed media

Wash Day in Bangkok



Lily Pond at Tam Coc
24x13" / acrylic on yupo

Autumn Abstract




The Circle is Everywhere

A Gift of Fire


Autumn Woman
16x20" / watercolour

Colours of the World II
10x12" / watercolour


And the Band Played On
10x22" / gouache


A Trinity Plus
24x12" / acrylic on mylar

Dancer I
22x15" / watercolour


Dancer IV
22x15" / watercolour

Woman with the Red Scarf
26x22" / watercolour


Spirit Rising
lithographs available

Let's Dance
24x12" / watercolour


Maggie and Millie
9x12" / watercolour


Lady of Joy
Women Drum and Women Dance
5x12" / watercolour & gouache
Yellow Silhouette
22x28" / watercolour
The Three Wisemen
In "Journey of the Magi" T.S.Eliot asks,
"Were we led all that way for Birth
or Death?"
Three Women
30x22" / watercolour

Blue Silhouette
18x20" / watercolour


30x22" / watercolour

In the Dark
18x20" / watercolour on yupo


29x37" / watercolour

40's: Mid Life Crisis
22x30" / watercolour


18x25" / oil & ink & pastel

When I Am Old
16x20"/ watercolour


Lake Mist
32x15" / watercolour

Poetry in Motion
19x23" / gouache & acrylic


Jazz After Midnight
20x16" / lithographs available

Garden of Good and Evil
29x19" / acrylic on yupo


Mermaid Singing
29x36" / watercolour

Earth and Fire
22x32" / oil
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Own this Painting!


World Circle of Beings
22x10" / acrylic
13x19" / acrylic on paper

Printed giclée catalog now available.
E-mail Valorie
to order one.

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