Meet Ottawa Artist Valorie Preston


Valorie Preston’s paintings possess a fluid and organic quality. A spiritual quest murmurs beneath the subject matter, which ranges from abstract to semi-representational. Natural elements are prominent – earth, water, fire and air. The paintings draw the viewer into the essential warmth at the heart of Valorie’s art. The works quietly question more than confront, and the reaction is an emotional one.

Valorie has been drawn to art since childhood and began painting seriously in 1987. Her work hangs in corporate collections in Ottawa and New York City and in private collections in Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal, Saskatoon, Calgary, New York City, Boston, Washington, the Netherlands and England. In May 2003 Valorie opened her own gallery/studio in west-central Ottawa.

This month is the 1st anniversary of Valorie's studio and she's hosting an Open House to celebrate. Please join Valorie at the studio Thursday May 13, 2004, anytime between 4:30 and 9:00 p.m. She will be displaying new works created since her spring events, so be the first to feast your eyes!

Call 261-1351 or e-mail for more information. Don't hesitate to bring friends! The studio is located upstairs at 145 Loretta Ave. North, one block west of Preston and north of Gladstone. Click here for directions.

If you've purchased an original by Valorie previously you will receive 10% off any subsequent purchase! Flexible payment options available to all.

Valorie will also be in the studio the weekend of May 15 & 16. Appointments are necessary so please call or e-mail as above.

To see Valorie's latest paintings on-line please visit the "New Work" gallery on her web site.


“In a world where colours collide, where laughter runs with tears and contradictions abound, I reside.

Driven by the desire to reconcile growth with patience, love with despair, and pain with experience, I paint.

I paint for the world that we have and the one I yearn for.”

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Studio: 145 Loretta Ave. North, upstairs (by appointment only) ,Ottawa, ON, Canada K1Y 2J7
Tel: 613-261-1351 |