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Christine Christianson

High School English Teacher

Wytheville, Virginia, USA

“I was introduced to Valorie's art through a lucky and unexpected connection over the web. My husband Scott had recently died and I decided to redecorate the den where he had spent his last few months. I wanted to focus the makeover around a piece of art that would be meaningful to Scott, as a kind of memorial to him. Scott was a huge admirer of poet T.S. Eliot so I did an Internet search on art and Eliot. A few clicks later I arrived at Valorie's web site, thanks to her T.S. Eliot series."

"I couldn’t believe I had stumbled upon such wonderfully real and beautiful work and upon an artist for whom Eliot was just as meaningful as he was to Scott. I felt like I’d found a gold mine. I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. looking at Valorie’s paintings. After e-mailing a friend in California for her opinion on the quality of the work and the sanity of such a purchase, I emailed Valorie."

Christine bought four paintings from Valorie: one original and three giclées. The original is"Still Point" and the giclées are "Wasteland", "Spirit Guides", and "Spirit Rising". She is pictured here in her remodeled den with "Still Point".

“I achieved my goal. The room where Scott died is no longer a spot to be avoided. It is freshly painted and carpeted and Valorie’s ‘Still Point’ is at the heart. I am so thankful that I found Valorie’s web site. Knowing that these paintings would soon be hanging on my walls helped me get through some very hard weeks this summer. Once they were up, it just felt right.”

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